Tellmeplus announces the availability of Predictive Objects in the Cloud, the first Artificial Intelligence as a Service solution

By Loïc Linais on March 6, 2017

Paris, 6th March 2017 - Big Data Paris - Tellmeplus, a software vendor specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Big Data, announced today that Predictive Objects is available in Software as a Service mode. Predictive Objects, available today in Cloud Google Platform, is an Artificial Intelligence as a Service solution that leverages the power and the elasticity of the Cloud to create predictive models automatically.

Embedded deployment options

The platform offers the highest flexibility for running these models that can be deployed on internal systems, in the Cloud (Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services), inside industrial platforms such as GE Predix, or embedded in smart objects, for example through an iOS app.

“As soon as a model has been validated, Predictive Objects offers the broadest palette of deployment options, leveraging this model as close as possible to data and actions, even inside the object itself,” explained Jean-Michel Cambot, Chief Strategist and Founder of Tellmeplus. “By embedding intelligence inside the objects, the solution makes them become ‘smart’, capable to make instant decisions, even with no/ unreliable network connectivity.”

Automated model production

Based on a patented Machine Learning technology, Predictive Objects is the first artificial intelligence solution that automates the creation and deployment of predictive models end-to-end through Meta Active Machine Learning. The newest version of the platform strengthens this automation by implementing predictive algorithms that configure the data ingestion for model computation, increasing dramatically the productivity of users.

“Predictive Objects uses Artificial Intelligence to create predictive models, reducing from months to hours the research work that is required before being able to realize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence,” indicated Benoit Gourdon, CEO of Tellmeplus. “This iterative and agile approach supports the ‘Fail Fast, Learn Fast’ concept: being able to test easily working hypotheses, prove or disprove assumptions, and get value fast!”

Business tagging

Also in version 1.2, Predictive Objects now supports metadata tagging, adding a business dimension to predictive models data. The solution thereby “augments” the human expert by providing them with predictions and prescriptions that are immediately actionable in domains such as customer intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

“Predictive Objects produces predictions based on Big Data, transforming the data into decision and action,” added Benoit Gourdon. “Through the use of symbolic algorithms that use and propagate business tag, the generated models can be easily understood by the business, providing instant value.”


Predictive Objects v1.2 is available immediately for on-premises deployment and in Google Cloud Platform. Support for other Cloud platforms is planned for future versions. Models produced can be deployed in any Cloud platform and on iOS.

Tellmeplus will showcase the new version of Predictive Objects on booth 403 at Big Data Paris (6-7 March, Palais des Congrès Paris Porte Maillot). Jean-Michel Cambot, Chief Strategist and Founder of Tellmeplus, will be delivering a keynote “The Era of the Augmented User” (Ternes Room - 6 March at 14:00).